May Adventures

Wel May continues to be wonderful with visits from family and friends and lots of action.

Well our May is turning out fairly busy- family, weekends away, birthday parties lots of good things have been going on.


Well we have been busy- in the past little bit both kids have been sick. Involving an emergency room visit with Nora and lots of not sleeping and frustration for poor little Max. (He has been sick more than healthy poor little man.) We have had a Grandpa arrive and have done some travelling and are about to leave for a long weekend. We love it but could probably all do with a bit more sleep 🙂


Easter in Madrid and Visitors

We have been busy- most of the photos have captions to give you an idea what is going on. Hope everyone is well.

March 22-28 Barcelona

Well we have had a really lovely week- Sunday we went for a long walk and stumbled on a calcotada in front of the Cathedral. This is the spring onion feast where the onions are burnt and you peel the blackened bits away and dip the onion into a tomato based sauce so yummy. Darcy- we had a feast of these last year and Andrew and Dad we are going to one when both of you are out. This one wasn’t really a feast you got 6 onions a piece of bread and cup of wine, it was still delicious though and pretty nice to be eating with such a nice setting and there was also music and dancing going on. Monday one of my friends had all the moms and kids over for an Easter party. Nora loved it- she got to decorate a bucket, a couple of cookies, go on an Easter egg hunt and also play trains. She loves Thomas the trains sets and has been missing playing them as she played with them daily in February. She in fact plays Thomas with Brendan where she gets to be Thomas and Brendan is Gordon. The rest of the week was filled with a trip to the zoo, dance class, toddler sense and lots of playgrounds. It was a pretty wonderful week.

Second week back in Barcelona

Well we have been busy here back at home. Nora has two new things that are pretty insanely cute- she now performs magic tricks and she also tells jokes. Her favourite magic trick is to say “Agracadabra” and then run and hide something and then after we exclaim at the item disappearing she says “Agracadabra” and runs to get it. If she has an item such as a hat she will hide the item there but she can only carry a hat so often. Her other new thing is her jokes- she is pretty proud of them her most recent ones include. “The grocery bag has groceries” followed by smiles and laughter and also “The book has a daddy” again followed by smiles and laughter. Max has also been very busy he has become quite proficient at grabbing and holding onto a couple of his balls. He is getting stronger and can now sit up when propped slightly with a pillow, he seems to really like this position so we will see how quickly he starts sitting by himself.

Back in Barcelona

Well lots to report since our last post. We were in Canada for a a bit and have just returned to Barcelona.

Our time in Canada was filled with lots of family time and our own family growing with the addition of Maxwell. We have now started our final three and half months in Barcelona which will be lots of time for more adventures.

A quick update

We are still loving life here in Barcelona! In the past few weeks we have been to the playground many times and our friends also hosted an early birthday party for Nora. We are so incredibly lucky!

Last post for a bit

Well my laptop is running on an off market battery that is no longer holding a charge and my charger is no longer charging so I manage to get some charge off Brendan’s but it doesn’t work perfectly so randomly shuts off. To say my laptop is on it’s last legs would be being generous to the laptop.

I am not sure when our next post will be but here is what we have been up to the last few weeks. Lots of fun with Grandpa and Grandpa and then Nora, Brendan and I went off for a week in Belgium- our last holiday before heading to Canada for August.

May 28th- June 10 Fabulous family time

Well my mom and dad are here and are here until next Thursday. We have been incredibly busy since their arrival with a weekend away in Valencia, and then four nights in France. We went to Valencia by train but rented a car for our France trip and stayed in three different locations. Basically our days are filled with restaurants, sight seeing and reading/ game play. Brendan suffered a string of losses at cards but managed to redeem himself our last night in France.

In Valencia we spent one day visiting the Cathedral and exploring and then spent the second day visiting the market and the aquarium. France was filled with castles, bugs and aquaducts.

Our time in town has been filled with going for walks with Grandpa all by herself, frequenting the gelato store with Grandpa and also staying at home with Grandma all by herself. These are some big changes for Nora. We have done lots of walks and exploring and also our normal classes- and so many meals out. All in a very busy but great few weeks.